Gold 2

2 - horse trailer - Large volume

Gold 2

Aerodynamic concept. Modern design and large volume.
Bended drawbar chassis "Coupling Protect".
Pullman 2 suspension trailer lowered -10 cm.
Roof and front in one solid fiberglass part.
Anodized aluminium side walls.
Rear ramp-door system. Aluminium floor.
Complete equipment (comfort, safety, ventilation).
As extra : Slidding lateral windows, saddle room.

Pullman 2

Pullman 2 suspension low-profile chassis.
Reinforced fiberglass roof and front.
Aluminium side walls.
Alu floor + Rubber mat 8 mm.
Rear ramp door with Airtech roller.
Automatic jockey wheel.
Central partition + breast and breech bars adjustable.
Roof vent.
Side cushions.
Inside light.
Automatic jockey wheel.
Spare wheel + holder + cover.
Extra : Sliding lateral windows, saddle room, head partition

Aluminium side walls.

5 Years warranty