Gold One

1 horse 1/2 trailer

  • Gold One
  • Gold One
  • Extra : Saddle room
Gold One1 Rear ramp door system2 Extra : Saddle room3

Gold One

Aerodynamic concept. Modern design and large volume.
Bended drawbar chassis "Coupling Protect". Pullman 2 suspension trailer lowered -10 cm.
Roof and front in one solid fiberglass part.
Anodized aluminium side walls. Aluminium floor.
Complete equipment (comfort, safety, ventilation).
Extra : Saddle room, front ramp..

Pullman 2

Closer to car technology, the Pullman 2 suspension consists of 4 galvanised steel independent articulated arms with 4 torsion springs and 4 dampers.
This technology ensures unbeatable road-holding capacities. Our factory is equipped with the latest generation laser tooling, enabling the entire loading sill of the trailer to be lowered.
Result: no incline, no "step", but a flat surface

Aluminium side walls.

5 Years warranty