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2 - Horse trailer - Large volume

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Aerodynamic concept.

Pullman 2 suspension - trailer lowered.
Roof and front in one solid fiberglass part.
Anodized aluminium side walls, aluminium floor.
Front unloading ramp, large opening flap with opening bay with integrated sliding window above front ramp.
1,10 meter-board front exit.
Removable aluminium centre division with build-in head partition.
Complete equipment (comfort, safety, ventilation).

Pullman 2

Closer to car technology, the Pullman 2 suspension consists of 4 galvanised steel independent articulated arms with 4 torsion springs and 4 dampers.
This technology ensures unbeatable road-holding capacities. Our factory is equipped with the latest generation laser tooling, enabling the entire loading sill of the trailer to be lowered.
Result: no incline, no "step", but a flat surface

Aluminium side walls.

5 Years warranty